NEDAB & EDAB Division II Tournament Preview

Divisions II, III, and IV will be in-depth next week in the district round.

Northeast 1 @ Streetsboro H.S.

Sectional Semifinals – February 15th
#26 Conneaut @ #1 Canfield, 7:00pm
#23 Ravenna @ #11 West Branch, 7:00pm
#19 Geneva @ #6 Ashtabula Edgewood, 7:00pm
#20 NDCL @ #12 Howland, 7:00pm
#18 Alliance @ #9 Struthers, 7:00pm
#22 Jefferson Area @ #17 Berkshire, 7:00pm

Sectional Finals – February 18th
#27 Niles McKinley @ Canfield/Conneaut winner, 1:00pm
West Branch/Ravenna winner vs/@ Edgewood/Geneva winner, 1:00pm
Howland/NDCL winner vs/@ Struthers/Alliance winner, 1:00pm
Berkshire/Jefferson Area winner @ #2 Salem, 1:00pm

Best Sectional Semifinal Matchup
Alliance @ Struthers

Underrated Sectional Semifinal Matchup
NDCL @ Howland

Potential Marquee Sectional Final Matchup
West Branch @ Edgewood

Summary – With the top 2 seeds in the super district in this district, a couple tradition-rich programs, and a couple teams having their best year in a long time, this district could have some great games from the beginning. Canfield and Salem will mot likely make it to district semifinals as the top 2 seeds. Salem’s half of bracket has the chance to see either Howland, Struthers, Alliance, or NDCL as their opponent. It would most likely be Struthers or Howland but you can’t rule out Alliance or NDCL, as NDCL plays some tough competition throughout the year (current conference is the Crown Conference) and Alliance is having their best season in over a decade. As for the other section in Canfield’s half of the bracket, West Branch and Edgewood are on a sectional final collision course. West Branch is finally healthy and has won seven of their last eight games and has the program experience of being in this situation. Edgewood has had their best season in a long time, coming up just short of a conference title with two close, tough losses to Perry. The potential (if the seeds hold) of a Canfield/West Branch & Salem/Struthers-Howland winner district semifinal matchups could make for a fun night in Streetsboro for those that make that trip.


Northeast 2 @ Nordonia H.S.

Sectional Semifinals – February 15th
#15 Kenston @ #8 West Geauga, 7:00pm
#21 Hubbard @ #13 Girard, 7:00pm
#28 Chaney @ #3 Marlington, 7:00pm
#25 Crestwood @ #5 Perry, 7:00pm
#16 Aurora @ #10 Ursuline, 7:00pm
#24 Harvey @ #7 Streetsboro, 7:00pm

Sectional Finals – February 18th
#14 Youngstown East vs/@ West Geauga/Kenston winner, 1:00pm
Girard/Hubbard winner vs/@ Marlington/Chaney winner, 1:00pm
Ursuline/Aurora winner vs/@ Perry/Crestwood winner, 1:00pm
Streetsboro/Harvey winner @ #4 Chagrin Falls, 1:00pm

Best Sectional Semifinal Matchup
Aurora @ Ursuline

Underrated Sectional Semifinal Matchup
Kenston @ West Geauga

Potential Marquee Sectional Final Matchup
Streetsboro @ Chagrin Falls –

Summary – With Salem going into Canfield’s district, this is Marlington’s district to lose. They will have a potential interesting sectional matchup in Girard while the other section in that top half of the bracket could go in any direction. Youngstown East has won 15 games this season while West Geauga and Kenston are used to making it to the district semifinals. Whoever comes out of that section could give Marlington a competitive game. The other half of the bracket has the same situation as Youngstown East/West Geauga/Kenston. The Aurora/Ursuline/Perry section could go either way and Streetsboro-Chagrin Falls could very well be the game that decides who plays in the district championship game against most likely Marlington.


Northeast 3 @ Uniontown Lake H.S.

Sectional Semifinals – February 15th
#23 Cleveland Central Catholic @ #19 Holy Name, 7:00pm
#15 Padua Franciscan @ #14 Cloverleaf, 7:00pm
#17 Bay @ #13 Mogadore Field, 7:00pm
#36 Lutheran West @ #11 Tallmadge, 7:00pm
#37 East Cleveland Shaw @ #6 Canal Fulton Northwest, 7:00pm

Sectional Finals – February 18th
Holy Name/Cleveland CC @ #1 Copley, 1:00pm
Cloverleaf/Padua winner vs/@ Field/Bay winner, 1:00pm
Tallmadge/Lutheran West winner @ #10 Hawken, 1:00pm
#18 Orange vs/@ Northwest/Shaw winner, 1:00pm

Best Sectional Semifinal Matchup
Bay @ Field

Underrated Sectional Semifinal Matchup
Cleveland Central Catholic @ Holy Name

Potential Marquee Sectional Final Matchup
Tallmadge @ Hawken

Summary – Copley and Northwest are almost guarantees to make it to the district semifinals, but the other two sections are going to be fascinating to watch. Tallmadge-Hawken might be the best sectional game of NEDAB Division II while Bay-Field wouldn’t be that far away. Those four teams have a chance at upsetting Copley or Northwest, but it’s not likely. If one of those teams don’t make it, it will be because Tallmadge or Hawken pulled off the upset of Northwest.


Northeast 4 @ Valley Forge H.S.

Sectional Semifinals – February 15th
#36 Cleveland Lincoln-West @ #2 St. Vincent – St. Mary, 7:00pm
#21 Medina Buckeye @ #12 Beaumont, 7:00pm
#22 Clearview @ #9 Firelands, 7:00pm
#35 Cleveland Bard Early College @ #7 Norton, 7:00pm

Sectional Finals – February 18th
#34 Cleveland East Tech vs/@ St. Vincent – St. Mary/Lincoln-West winner, 1:00pm
#16 Lutheran East vs/@ Beaumont/Buckeye winner, 1:00pm
#20 Fairview vs/@ Firelands/Clearview winner, 1:00pm
#31 Campus International vs/@ Norton/Bard winner, 1:00pm

Best Sectional Semifinal Matchup
Lutheran East @ Beaumont / Buckeye @ Lutheran East

Underrated Sectional Semifinal Matchup
Clearview @ Firelands

Potential Marquee Sectional Final Matchup
Lutheran East @ Beaumont

Summary – Beaumont, Firelands, and Lutheran East may have upsets on their mind, but this district will ultimately come down to the district championship game between Akron St. Vincent – St. Mary & Norton. Some intriguing matchups prior to that would be Beaumont-Buckeye & either Beaumont-Lutheran East or Buckeye-Lutheran East.


Northeast 5 @ Elyria H.S.

Sectional Semifinals – February 15th
#26 Cleveland Max Hayes @ #25 Akron Springfield, 6:00pm
#28 Garrett Morgan @ #5 Elyria Catholic, 7:00pm
#33 Bedford @ #4 Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, 7:00pm
#27 Akron Buchtel @ #8 Woodridge, 7:00pm

Sectional Finals – February 18th
Springfield/Max Hayes winner @ #3 Gilmour Academy, 1:00pm
#30 Brookside vs/@ Elyria Catholic/Garrett Morgan winner, 1:00pm
#32 St. Martin De Porres vs/@ CVCA/Bedford winner, 1:00pm
#29 Akron Coventry @ Woodridge/Buchtel winner, 1:00pm

Best Sectional Semifinal Matchup
Max Hayes @ Akron Springfield

Underrated Sectional Semifinal Matchup

Potential Marquee Sectional Final Matchup

Summary – The favorites to the district semifinals will be hard to upset, but if it goes as chalk, those district semifinal games will be interesting to see. Gilmour Academy vs Elyria Catholic & CVCA vs Woodridge would be fun matchups. I believe this district will come down to CVCA vs the winner of Gilmour Academy and Elyria Catholic.


East District 

Sectional Quarterfinals – February 13th – 7:00pm
#16 Minerva @ #2 New Concord John Glenn

Sectional Semifinals – February 15th – 7:00pm
#13 Warsaw River View vs/@ John Glenn/Minerva winner
#12 Zanesville Maysville @ #9 Zanesville
#6 New Philadelphia @ #5 Steubenville
#14 East Liverpool @ #4 Carrollton
#15 Indian Valley @ #3 Indian Creek
#8 Philo @ #7 Harrison Central
#11 Dover @ #10 Morgan
#17 Cambridge @ #1 West Holmes

Sectional Finals – February 18th – 1:00pm
John Glenn/River View/Minerva winner vs/@ Zanesville/Maysville winner
Carrollton/East Liverpool winner vs/@ Steubenville/New Philadelphia winner
Indian Creek/Indian Valley winner vs/@ Harrison Central/Philo winner
West Holmes/Cambridge winner vs/@ Morgan/Dover winner

Best Sectional Semifinal Matchup
Maysville @ Zanesville

Underrated Sectional Semifinal Matchup
River View @ John Glenn

Potential Marquee Sectional Final Matchup
Steubenville/New Philadelphia @ Carrollton

Summary – At the time of the seeding, West Holmes would be the clear-cut favorite of this district. However, after some tough losses to Mansfield Senior and Hiland, could be an opening for some other teams in this district to think they have a better shot than they thought a couple of weeks ago. Indian Creek will have to get past Philo (or Harrison Central) first, but if they do they will get their first chance at West Holmes. On the other half of the bracket, Carrollton will most likely advance and play either Steubenville or New Philadelphia. The Carrollton/Steubenville/New Philadelphia section and the John Glenn/Zanesville/Maysville section have the chance to produce four quality games. Whoever comes out of both of those sections will create another great matchup in the district semifinal. Whoever wins that district semifinal, will have earned the chance to knock off West Holmes (if someone like Indian Creek doesn’t do that first).

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