Martin RPI Rankings for NEDAB and EDAB

Martin RPI have released his first rankings for girls basketball in the state of Ohio. The Northwest Athletic District Board is using his rankings to seed the teams in the Northwest Districts instead of coaches’ votes this season. I have posted what Martin RPI rankings would be if it was the same for NEDAB and EDAB teams with their districts.

Below are links to Martin RPI to understand his rankings more and get more in depth information on the rankings. The rankings I posted do not show how it got to that ranking. Martin RPI has that broken down on his website and I recommend you go there to check it out.

Per Martin RPI home page, if you think that your record may be incorrect, please reach out to him immediately by either emailing or DM’ing him on Twitter @MartinRPI.

Martin RPI Home Page

Martin RPI About Page

Martin RPI FAQ Page

Division I East

Division I West

Division II East

Division II West

Division III East

Division III West

Division IV East

Division IV West

Division II

Division III

Division IV

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